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About Us

Remedy RX Wholesale is a wholesale pharmaceutical distributor.

We offer a wide-ranging array of healthcare and pharmaceutical products purchased from licensed and accredited pharmaceutical suppliers. We service a wide portion of the healthcare industry from wholesale to retail.

As a nationally licensed distributor we are equipped to provide solutions for our clients wherever they may be. We are dedicated to providing superior service and product to our partners and clients to ensure that they continue to deliver vital care and service to their patients and clients.

  • Trusted pharmaceutical distribution supply.
  • Anywhere in the United States. Wherever you may be.
  • Whenever you need us.

Why choose us?

For Our Commitment to Service and For Your Peace of Mind.

All About You

We make our customers our priority. In our determination to serve you best, we will go the extra mile to keep your orders fulfilled with quality productions and signature service.

And Our Reputation

Quite simply—if you are happy with our service, we look good. The plan is for you to keep coming back to the service you trust.

To Build Partnerships

As you grow, we grow. Together.

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While our new site is under construction, you can still expect expedited service from us. Use the contact form below to send us a message.